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What is the booking timeline for my wedding?

  1. Inquiry is made - we will provide our pricing and service list or generate a quote

  2. In-person or phone consultation - can be setup here to discuss your wedding details further

  3. Booking - we require a $400 deposit and digitally signed contract to secure your date

  4. Online planning system - your account will be created, then we will show you how to plan your details and choose the music for your wedding

  5. Wedding planning reminders - we send email reminders to help keep your wedding planning on track

  6. Final meeting - we will have our final meeting over the phone or in-person around thirty days prior to your wedding to confirm all of your details, song choices, and to take care of final payment

  7. Wedding day - your entertainer(s) will arrive at least two hours early for setup and will run the show alongside your other vendors

What’s the deposit to reserve my date?

  • A $400 deposit and digitally signed contract are required to reserve your date

When is the final payment due?

  • The final payment is due 30 days prior to your wedding

Can I book other services if we did not book DJ service with One T Entertainment?

  • Yes, any of our services can be booked as a standalone service for your wedding based on availability

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What is the online planning system?

  • A digital wedding planning system accessed through our website

  • Features include:

    • Event Details page

    • A Wedding Timeline

    • A Wedding Questionnaire

    • Ceremony & Reception forms that guide you through choosing all of your songs for any wedding formality you may want at your wedding (e.g. Wedding Party Introduction song, First Dance song, Parent Dance songs, etc.)

    • Photo Booth form (if applicable)

    • A Manage Music section that allows you to pick your “Must play”, “Play if Possible”, “Dedication”, and “Do Not Play” songs

    • Payment portal

How many songs should I chose for my Wedding?

  • We want to capture your tastes and styles in music without having you curate the entire night, we don’t want you to stress about picking that much music

  • Here’s what we have available on our Online Planning system:

    • 10- Must Play songs

    • 100- Play if Possible songs

    • 2- Dedication songs

    • 40- Do Not Play songs

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Who is my point of contact for planning?

  • Bret, the owner of One T Entertainment will be your primary point of contact

    • 330-289-5988

    • bret@one-t-entertainment.com

  • Your DJ’s phone number will be provided for any day of communication

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How is my DJ assigned to my wedding?

  • Careful consideration is taken to assigning the perfect DJ for your big day. All of our DJs are perfect for any event or wedding and possess the same skill-set, but we assign your DJ based on who we think will mesh best with our couple’s personalities and tastes in music

What is the backup plan if my DJ becomes ill and cannot perform our wedding?

  • In the unlikely event that your DJ will not be able to perform your wedding, we always keep 1 additional DJ on standby on any given day

  • Alternatively, we have a close network of local DJ companies that support each other in emergency situations

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Customizing Services

How do I chose my Up Light colors?

  • On the Wedding Questionnaire form, there is a section for you to chose your Up Light colors

  • Colors can be shown in person during our final planning meeting at the One T Entertainment office

How do I customize my Photo Booth?

  • When filling out the Photo Booth Options form, there are options for:

    • Backdrop color

    • Print template (names, dates, and colors can be updated to match your theme)

    • Prop choices

Can I customize my Boomerang Booth?

  • Yes! There are options to customize the following:

    • “Tap to Start” Screen (this is the screen guests will interact with. We want the look to match your style or theme. Custom "Tap to Start" screens available upon request.)

    • Overlay design (names, dates, and colors can be updated to match your theme)