DJ/Master of Ceremonies


Bret T. Holden

Owner, Master of Ceremonies, & DJ

Bret has always been drawn to music and entertainment.

He started DJing 2003, and founded One T Entertainment in 2010 with the mission to intersect his passion for music and entertainment with his desire to bring celebrations and monumental moments to life.

Since 2010, Bret has invested in his company and his team - pushing the creative boundary to exceed his clients’ expectations from every dimension of the entertainment service spectrum.



James Hackett

Master of Ceremonies & DJ

James is a singer and songwriter at heart.

He joined the One T Team in 2010, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in music and performance.

Since 2010, James has polished his craft at selecting music and customizing playlists tailored to the diverse audiences One T Entertainment serves, and ensures that every party creates lifelong memories for his clients and their guests.


Adam Magyrics

Master of Ceremonies & DJ

Adam has a passion for all things music.

As the lead singer of a band, he seeks every opportunity to read and rock the crowd. Through careful music selection and refined mic skills, you can count on Adam to keep every One T Entertainment party energetic and alive from beginning to end.


Craig Fraley

Master of Ceremonies & DJ

Craig is an avid performer and natural creator.

From high school theatre to studying audio/video production in college, Craig brings to the One T Team extensive experience in the performance and creative arts.

With over 10 years of experience serving parties, Craig has applied and refined his skills at music, photography and videography with the desire to not only create unforgettable experiences, but to document those experiences so the memories can live on.

Photo Booth Managers


Carolyn Harden

Photo Booth Manager

In short, Carolyn is a photo booth extraordinaire.

As a Theater Thespian, she knows how to work a crowd and believes people should be bursting out in song more often.

Pictures last a lifetime, and for that reason - Carolyn works hard to ensure every guest is energized, engaged and entertained at the photobooth to create lifetime print memories they can cherish and reflect on for years.


Katherine Dill

Photo Booth Manager

Katherine was raised in the performing arts and believes the whole world is a stage.

Her genuine desire to make people smile and laugh is the reason she masters the photo booth. She understands how to interact with a diverse audience, and seeks to capture memorable moments in a snapshot.

Red Carpet Photographer


Martin McPherson

Red Carpet Photographer

Martin lives behind the camera.

He has a natural talent at capturing candid, genuine moments of people smiling and having fun - and keeps those moments alive through the essence of imagery.

When he’s not behind the camera at weddings, he’s working at the Cleveland Museum of Art or collecting and restoring vintage cameras for fun.

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