DJ/Master of Ceremonies


Bret T. Holden

Owner, Master of Ceremonies, & DJ

Bret has been a DJ and MC since 2003. He is a seasoned veteran, who is fun, interactive, and provides his professionalism to every event he entertains. Bret is an experienced & knowledgable DJ, and was born to entertain! 



James Hackett

Master of Ceremonies & DJ

As a major asset to the DJ team, James joined One T Entertainment in 2010. As a Singer/ Songwriter, James brings his knowledge of music and creative touch to every event he entertains. He is a polished master of ceremonies, and will add the professional and fun to every event.


Adam Magyrics

Master of Ceremonies & DJ

We welcome Adam to the One T Entertainment family, he has an amazing ability to read a crowd and play the right song at the perfect time! As a singer in a band, he has had years of experience performing in front of a crowds. He has a great presence and refined mic skills. 


Craig Fraley

Master of Ceremonies & DJ

Craig has been entertaining people since he was 10, performing in school plays and entertaining friends and family with his abilities. 

After graduating from Firestone High School, with a focus in theatre, Craig turned his attention to studies at Stark State Technical College. Majoring in Audio/Video production and development, Craig soon began his own video and photography company. 

With almost 10 years in the wedding photography/videography industry, Craig knows what it takes to keep the party going. Joining the One T Entertainment crew is a natural fit.

Photo Booth Managers


Carolyn Harden

Photo Booth Manager

Carolyn Harden is a photo booth person extraordinaire. 

As a theater Thespian (she even has a pin from her high school drama club), she understands how to work a crowd and thinks that people should be bursting out in song more often.

During the day, she works as a digital producer in an advertising agency that markets for a variety of clients. She is Ohio grown and loves her city but if you see he around town, don't be fooled because she does have an identical twin.


Katherine Dill

Photo Booth Manager

Katherine is so excited to be a part of One T Entertainment.

Basically growing up on the stage, she has always been in front of the crowd. She believes that "all the world is a stage”. Katherine has a special talent to make people laugh and smile.

During the day, she works as a User Experience Strategist at an agency in the Cleveland area.  She understands how to speak to different people and make sure they get what they need. 

Red Carpet Photographer


Martin McPherson

Red Carpet Photographer


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